Spray Foam Roofing Systems


Sell or install, foam and coating products with confidence, by becoming a qualified General Coatings applicator. General Coatings offers a full line of foam and coating products for insulation, roofing and waterproofing projects. Once you have applied General Coatings’ products on a job, no one will know more than you that how much our quality stands out from our competition. Designed to meet the requirements for the toughest jobs, General Coatings products will allow you to sell and install with confidence. Our best warranties in the industry will allow you to give your customers peace of mind that they are getting from a long-term roofing solution. Speak with one of our technical specialists and you’ll find thst we understand how to handle problems that arise on a jobsite not just in the lab.

Contact us today to find out how General Coatings products that can fill your needs such as:


Single source supplier.
Job referrals.
Guaranteed on time delivery of materials to the job site.
A single comprehensive material systems warranty on all of our systems.
Unparalleled material quality control.
Specification consultation.
Specification guidelines.
Review of Architectural Plans.
Custom formulations for highly specialized environments and uses.
For more information on how to become a General Coating's Contractor/Applicator, please contact us at 559-495-4004 or at sales@generalcoatings.net.