Agricultural Buildings

Ultra-Thane Spray Foam Systems can provide exterior weatherproof roofing or interior insulation solutions for Agricultural metal buildings. Ultra-Thane SPF has been used in cold storage facilities, fumigation rooms, food processing plants, bulk dry food silos, and farm equipment sheds.

Like all durable roofs, a metal building may eventually need attention like restoration or replacement. Over time, the unprotected metal panels rust, fasteners back out and rubber gaskets decompose, compromising the roof’s structural integrity and waterproof state. Additionally, because metal roofs expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, the standing seams open up and then allow moisture to enter the building envelope.

The liquid-applied spray foam fills cracks and crevices prior to expansion, adhering to virtually any clean and dry substrate, and creating a fully adhered, seamless insulating system that will substantially reduce energy costs. Using closed-cell foam on a metal roof deck is like putting a second roofing system underneath the existing roof, increasing the life of the roof exponentially. The spray foam holds the separate portions of the roof in place, preventing movement that often causes the fasteners to loosen and pull apart.

Ultra-Thane Spray Foam Features
  • Seamless field applied SPF recover
  • Renewable and Durable Topcoat
  • Mitigates normal expansion and contraction
  • Fully Adhered and well bonded
  • Monolithic and continuous insulation
  • Low Perm basecoat offering
Ultra-Thane Spray Foam Benefits
  • Weather resistant roofing
  • Easy-to-maintain
  • Increases roof life due to less seam wear
  • Enhanced leak and severe wind protection
  • Most efficient energy saving design
  • Moisture and Vapor drive control