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Penefil - Concrete Lifting

Over time, building foundations settle, house patios erode, roadways shift and sink which inevitably requires either costly replacement or structural repair beneath the concrete slab. Penefil Ò provides an easy solution by injecting high-density, polyurethane polymer into holes drilled through the slab into the subgrade. This quickly expanding hydrophobic foam fills voids, stabilizes soft soil and raises the concrete foundation. The Penefil material can be dispensed evenly and precisely by professionals across the entire slab to raise and to level the existing concrete, while mitigating erosion damage.

Concrete lifting may be used on all types of cement work, such as driveways and sidewalks, factory floors, patios, parking facilities, residential slabs and pool surrounds.

Penefil Spray Foam Features

  • High density performance
  • Hydrophobic polymer chemistry
  • Advanced lightweight polyurethane materials
  • Quick cure time
  • Installs safely in all climate zones
  • Existing concrete can be maintained
  • Cost effective

Penefil Spray Foam Benefits

  • Excellent comprehensive strength supports commercial foundations
  • Improved resistance in low groundwater tables or hydrostatic enviroments.
  • Installs with portable liquid resin pump system instead of multiple concrete mixers
  • May be driven on within 30 minutes or less after installation
  • Can be injected into cold, damp or wet environments and cure fully to inert polymer
  • Easily lifts and saves most residential and commercial slabs
  • Installed by professionals who provide modern lifting solutions without 28 day concrete cure.

Available Products



250 H

Penefil 250 H is a two-component, closed cell, water blown, rigid, slab-jacking foam designed to raise and stabilize concrete or asphalt in residential uses. Penefil 250 H is a hydrophobic 2.50 pcf polyurethane polymer, which provides a fast injecting and workable repair solution for most settling problems in patio slabs, driveways, and sidewalks.

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375 H

Penefil 375 H is a two-component, water blown, closed cell, rigid, slab-jacking foam designed to raise and stabilize concrete foundations in commercial and industrial uses. Penefil 375 H is a hydrophobic 3.75 pcf polyurethane polymer, which provides powerful and steady lifting for heavy slabs. Penefil 375 H cures quickly and provides longer-lasting stability for higher dead-weight loads.

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