Insulated Tanks

Ultra-Thane 230 spray foam provides temperature-controlled vessels and wine tanks with superior protection from the outside elements as well as cost effective operation. The Ultra-Thane Tank System consists of a monolithic layer of close cell, spray polyurethane foam, tough & durable basecoat, and solar reflective topcoat. Insulated tanks need continuous and sufficient installation of energy conserving spray foam to minimize storage costs and achieve consistent product quality. Ultra-Thane 230 spray Foam allows for seamless and fully sealing around irregular shapes like feed pipes, instrument gauges, structural ribs, and manhole entrances. The advantages of Ultra-Thane 230 spray foam are that custom and field installed spray foam provides plant operations with superior longevity, enhanced moisture control, and reduced energy loss. 


Ultra-Thane 230 spray foam is manufactured with low global warning potential HFO technology to provide easy application, highest yielding, superior adhesion and best in class insulation making it ideal for temperature-controlled tanks. Ultra-Thane 230 spray foam is protected with Ultra-Tuff 2200/2400 polyurea-hybrid basecoat for impact resistance and vapor barrier performance. The final protection step is installation of highly reflective and color fast Ultra-Shield 3300 aliphatic urethane topcoat or Ultra-Shield 7072V anti-fungal resistance polyaspartic topcoat. Ultra-Thane system are proven tank protection specifications with decades of continuous service in major wineries and CO2 storage facilities throughout California and Midwestern US.

Ultra-Thane 230 Spray Foam Features
Ultra-Thane 230 Spray Foam Benefits