Concrete Lifting

Penefil Slabjack Foams provides fast and cost effective solution to sunken or uneven concrete. 

Over time, ground inevitably shifts and erodes beneath concrete slabs. An easy solution is by injecting high-density hydrophobic polyurethane foam through holes drilled into the slab and reinforce the sub-grade below. This process can raise the concrete uniformly, fills voids and stabilizes soil. Expansion of the foam material occurs within seconds, compressing loose soils and raising concrete to a precise and stable level.

Penefil may be used in commercial applications, such as under interior floor slabs, loading docks, entrances, roads, and parking areas.

Penefil may be used in residential applications, such as under house slabs, basements, pool decks, pool surrounds, patios, landings, sidewalks, and driveways. 

Penefil Spray Foam Features
  • High density
  • Light weight
  • Quick cure time
  • Durable below ground solution
  • Useable in low water table regions
  • Fills voids and compacts soil
  • Raised to uniform level surface
  • Cost effective
Penefil Spray Foam Benefits
  • Strong load bearing properties
  • 4 pcf foam vs. 120 pcf mudjacking
  • May be driven on in 30 mins after installation
  • Closed cell foam doesn’t readily absorb water
  • Hydrophobic nature cures in wet conditions
  • Improves sub-grade stability
  • Prevents tripping hazards
  • Level & strengthen NOT jackhammer removal & re-pour new concrete