Auvil Fruit Company, founded in 1928 by Grady Auvil, grows apples in the Northwest and markets its crops under the brand names Elite, Gee Whiz, and Topaz. Granny Smith apples, Fuji apples, & Rainier cherries are grown on Auvil’s orchards (1,350 acres).

Auvil Fruit’s plant operations manager, Walt Hough, contracted with Smart Choice Insulation & Roofing Inc. to install a Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roof system instead of an insulated, ballasted EPDM. The seamless Ultra-Thane 230 roof system allowed Auvil to expand its room storage size to increase overall capacity to 22,000 bins. Auvil also values SPF’s simple and easy to repair features.


21902 US 97 Orondo, WA 98843

Scope of Work:

Cold Storage Roof New Construction

Products Applied:

• Ultra-Thane 230 Roof Foam • Ultra-Bond 10 Substrate Primer • Ultra-Tuff 2500 Urethane Base Coat • Ultra-Flex 1000 Acrylic Top Coat • Roofing Granules #11


Smart Choice Insulation & Roofing Inc.