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Spray Foam

Ultra-Thane spray foams are manufactured in both closed and open cell and are an effective barrier against vapor, air and moisture.

Interior foams can insulate wall cavities, crawlspaces, attics, and small gaps and cracks throughout commercial, industrial and residential properties. Ultra-Thane closed-cell foam may be sprayed to the exterior side of the building forming a uniform layer of continuous insulation and barrier against air and weather. It seals completely around cladding attachments and covers the joints and seams of substrates.

Ultra-Thane HFO spray foams use next-generation blowing-agent technology that provides climate change respectful, low global warming potential (GWP) performance, with superior per board foot yield. HFO foams are building code required in many states.

Ultra-Thane HFC spray foam uses traditional blowing agent technology that are

user-friendly, energy saving, and cost effective. HFC foams have a proven record of insulation performance and durability.

Ultra-Thane pour foam can be used in a variety of industrial, marine and military applications. These include repairing boat decks, flotation foam for boats, filling vessel hulls, filling mine shafts and abandoned wells, and poured it into wall spaces or into forms to make insulation panels.

Ultra-Thane Closed-Cell Spray Foam Wall Features

  • Closed cell: class 2 vapor retarder
  • Easy to apply

Ultra-Thane Closed-Cell Spray Foam Wall Benefits

  • Improves structural integrity
  • Controls indoor air quality

Ultra-Thane Open-Cell Spray Foam Wall Features

  • Open cell: class 3 vapor retarder
  • Sound absorbing
  • Lightweight

Ultra-Thane Open Cell Spray Foam Wall Benefits

  • Reduces installation time and costs
  • Reduces energy consumption and costs

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